About Us

Volunteers driven, non profit N.G.O

non profit orgnizations & NGO , which working for finding solutions for major social issues Rural Education, Health Care, Unemployement and Skills development

Sometimes we all need helping hand. Mutual aid is still the kernel of the society. Unless we helped each other in all manner of ways, we should be quickly back to the jungle.

We are group of Volunteers, committed to assist and support by encouraging and facilitating the help to handle the critical and emergency situations in needy lifes.


Below are the list of programs, Sasandha Foundation actively execute for the benifit of needy people.

Rural Education

Help to fund the Govt. schools with required tools and technologies. And also sponser awards / gifts to merit students, to create competitive spirit.

Rural Healthcare & Drinking Water

Conducting health camps in rural & remote places. Awareness programs about the best practices for avoiding seasonal diseases. And also fund for drinking water for remote villages.

Skills Development

Trainig to rural poor unemployed youth to get job in open job market. Skills development in Communications, Soft skills, information technologies.

Layoff Survival Services

Help Laid-off unemployed people with psychological counseling, mentoring, networking, job search and also arrange financial assistance.

Blood Donation

Build Mutual Aid Networks for donating blood when there is shortage of blood for specific blood group. Help Blood Banks and donors bring together to conduct blood camps.

Emergency Assistance Services

Helpline service to provide guidance & required informational assistance to deal with any emergency situation like accidents, Call for Ambulance, vehicle break down, hospitalizaion etc.

Why you need to join this group?

Helping needy is always devine service, which gives enormous satisfaction and gives meaning to our lives.

Society is built on the theme of the mutual help. Due to technology and busy lifes we are not able to experience the eco-system that continueously supporting indirectly.

We are sure that the members of this volunteer group will experience the oneness with entire society.

Meet and Associate with Good Souls

Humanity is basis of all welbeing; Lets help others unconditionally.

Opportunity to help other needy

Helping others is great cause.

Involve Health Care Supporting activities

You can meet very good souls with good intents

Teach & Mentor

You can share your wisdom with needy people to build their lives.










This organisation is supported by volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may get clarified with some frequently asked questions about this organisation. If you still have open questions, which are not addressed here, please post your questions on contact us form.